Free money! How will YOU spend it?

We're at the brink of an energy crisis. Gas prices around town are currently sitting a $1.47. That's whole lot of money to fill up your tank.

If that's not enough, Terasen wants to hike the price of your natural gas. And then there's that nasty global warming/climate crisis on everyone's mind. So how does the BC Government react? They add a new tax and then give everyone $100 to make up for it.

I know, it's a bum deal. $100 won't go very far even in that environmentally friendly Prius but it's all we get and I say be happy you're even getting that. At the last Bookcrossing Meeetup, fellow booklover and blogger Monnibo mentioned that The Tyee was encouraging folks to put their $100 to good use. It makes good sense too. On it's own it isn't much but if everyone were to pool their $100, we'd have a nice pot of money to put towards an initiative that may actually make a change.

So, head over to Green Your Campbell Cash and have a voice on how you'd like to see your $100 spent! I'm certainly putting this into consideration for my $100!


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