Guitar Hero My DS: Yes Please!

Guitar Hero on Tour

So I've floundered a bit about the release of Guitar Hero on Tour for the Nintendo DS. First I was excited, then a little worried and now completely sold.

Hubby went to the US for a car show on the weekend and brought me back this fabulous game which, he didn't realize, had only been released on Sunday. I broke it open and immediately turned the sucker on.

The setup takes a little getting used to, as does the game play itself but the game designers have done a fairly good job of adapting the wildly successful game for a portable player.

It takes a while to find a comfortable position and for me, that means close quarters with the game nearly resting on my chest but it seems to work and the disclaimer itself states that you should find a "comfortable" position, so that's going to be different for everyone. The game play itself is pretty good and this version features different music which keeps things interesting. My only concern now is that I've had the game for 4 days and I'm nearly done...unless there's more stuff to unlock - I'll keep you posted on that.

So I'm sure I look pretty funny playing it but I'm definitely having a good time and as predicted, it is pretty addicting. By far the best of the screens in the entire game is this warning screen which made me laugh:



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