Netflix Officially Comes to XBox 360

Last week I mentioned a workaround for Netflix subscribers to be able to watch streaming movies on their big screen TVs via their XBox 360's rather than spend $99 on additional hardware.

Hot on the heels of that, I just discovered that Microsoft has made an official announcement of a partnership with Netflix that will allow Netflix subscribers to see the streaming movies without a workaround. The only wrench: you must have an XBox live membership - not a big deal considering most gamers play online and already have this.

Looks like the streaming will require a web browser which means XBox will likely be releasing a new patch which will include Internet Explorer. Sweet.

I'm *very* curious and excited to jump on this bandwagon. The key now is to find out if Netflix will let me sign up for a streaming account only considering they currently don't ship to Canada. I'll keep you posted on how I fare with this one.


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