10 Worst Tunes of all Time? Really?

Yesterday, one of the big weird news bits on one of my favourite local stations was the worst 10 songs of all time. I didn't get to hear the list but hubby relaid the details last night and all I could do was shake my head. Really? That's the best you could come up with? Sure, there are some stinkers in there but I can't say I agree with a few of the selections which are awesome summer/club tunes.

And here they are, in all of their glory (complete with videos!), the Top 10 Worst Songs Ever as put together by the geniuses at Spinner.com and AOL Radio.

10. My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion - What's with the Celine hate? I think she gets a bad wrap because her music is so damned popular. This song suffers from serious overplay but it's not a bad tune.

9. Macarena - Los Del Rio - I hate this song if only because it's become a regular at Portuguese parties and I always get dragged by *someone* onto the dance floor to share in the humiliation. Yeah, hate isn't a strong enough word for this one.

8. Ebony And Ivory - Paul McCartney And Stevie Wonder - I'm indifferent to this one. It's not a song I liked to begin with.

7. I’m Too Sexy - Right Said Fred - This is the one I disagree with the most. I love this song. Makes me want to get up and dance!

6. I Am Woman - Helen Redey - Don't know this one but listening to the first few lines, this is pretty bad.

5. U Can’t Touch This - MC Hammer - I find it hard to believe anyone could hate this song. Dude, you serious? More classic 90's stuff.

4. Barbie Girl - Aqua - It's true, this is a catchy tune but it's pretty bad...

3. She Bangs - Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin bad? Are you for real? This song is pretty awesome...

2. Ice, Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice - Seriously? Dude, I love this tune! Classic 90's at yah!

1. Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men - I'm with them on this one. This song is the epitome of bad. How this thing ever managed to make it to number one is beyond me.

In reality, this should have been called the overplayed or most annoying list not the worst.


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