The Eee Box Goes LIVE!

Well, I certainly missed the boat (jumped the shark, nuked the fridge) on this one. I had no idea it was coming until it dropped.

Asus has release the Eee Box. The concept, a small desktop computer, the size of a book (and very reminiscent of my Wii), that is designed to un-clutter your desktop. These little suckers look fantastic. They come pre-installed with Windows XP, something which will me a load of people happy that they won't have to uninstall Vista.

  • Intel Atom Processor
  • 80GB Hard Drive, 1GB Memory
  • Wireless Draft N
Woooo. Wireless N. NICE. We just upgraded our Router to N. Very nice. This is not an ubber powerful little box but considering all hubby does on the computer is surf the web, this could totally work.

The little sucker goes on sale today (at a whopping cost of $369.99 - good god that's cheap) and if you're in town and are looking for somethign to do this morning, NCIX (my favourite of the computer stores) is throwing a launch party at their Broadway Location starting at 9:30AM. If you happen to go, be sure to share the pics/video of the event.

I may have to invest in one of these suckers over the next few months. Maybe by then I'll have another option for routing cable through a PC for the back room.


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