Not So Bad

So yesterday I had that breakdown about my interview with Take Out directors Shih-Ching Tsou and Sean Baker. Mostly, I was really frustrated that I'd let the interview opportunity slip through my fingers and on top of that, I couldn't quite get a grasp of how or where I'd find the time to get something together for the film's release tomorrow. Because I couldn't concentrate on aything else (I was so nervous about it), I started writing a interview/review piece last night and in doing so, discovered that the audio wasn't too bad after all, it's just the first 8 minutes of so that are a nightmare. It's still not good enough to post but I think things turned out well.

Already on a roll, I stayed up and edited the podcast as well. All this means is that when I get home tonight, I can go straight to be. Thank god too - 4 hours sleep just isn't enough for 2 days!


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