Twilight: The Final Post Before Part 2

 It’s been a bit weird around these parts. Mostly because I’ve become somewhat obsessive about the fact that Twilight was getting picked on by the big boys. I chalk it up to my feeling like part of the group – not as rabid as the 12-year-olds but I can relate to the gooey romance of Meyer’s story and the fact that the big bad wolves were putting it down before it even got off the ground rubbed me the wrong way.

I managed to score a ticket to one of the preview screenings last night. I did head to the mall early to see something else (Role Models was very funny) and at 6:15, there was already a large line-up for the 10:00PM screening. I decided to chance it figuring that the worse that could happen would be to sit off to the side (after all, I wasn’t looking for 15 seats with my BFFs) but to my surprise, the crowd for the 10:15 screening was that much more subdued. Not as many screaming teens, it was a mix of 20 somethings, some couples and even a few guys (like the very nice guys in front of me in line who made the hour long wait that much more enjoyable).

No screaming when we first spot Edward, nor oooooooooooooo’s when the crucial fist kiss comes to pass. There was an air of excitement and as the ladies at the A.V. Club put it, like we were all at a slumber party. It was fun, I don’t regret the late night that has left me a bit giddy and on-edge today. My thoughts on the movie? It was OK – better than my low expectations but not as good as it could have been. All the nitty gritty details are in my review. And thought it’s not cinematic masterpiece, let’s face it – few films are, it is entertaining and I had a genuinely good time seeing it. Frankly, I’m looking forward to seeing it again. Maybe later next week when the crowds have, hopefully, subsided a little.

For now, I’m putting away my “Twilight” love for at least a few months at which point, I’ll be picking up the super swanky DVD with loads of extras that fangirls will fawn over. Yes, I’m that curious, just not in a creepy way.

Until then, I’ll have to find a new mild-obsession. Suggestions being taken.


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