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Over at Row Three, we sometimes post additional thoughts on a movie but frankly, I’m not sure the guys care much for Twilight, not to mention that my added thoughts have as much to do with the novel than with the film, so I thought I’d post a few additional ramblings here. That’s what personal blogs are for right?

After seeing one of the opening night screenings on Thursday, I decided I needed to re-read the books before a second visit to the theatre (I always knew there would be more than one). For those that argue that Bookcrossing stops individuals from buying books, here’s an example of the opposite: I Bookcrossed my books to share the goodness and, over the weekend, had to re-buy copies for my personal collection. I devoured, yet again, the story of Bella and Edward and reading it for a second time, a few things came up that I don’t recall picking up the first time around.
  1. The writing isn’t spectacular but the story is well crafted – how many times did I roll my eyes at the term “crooked smile”? What is that exactly? The pages of endless descriptions of Edward’s beauty started to run together and Bella came across as a bit more needy than I remember from my original read.
  2. I caught a tinge of the Meyers’ religious inclination. It wasn’t as apparent the first time around but a few references certainly suggest something is going on (lion and lamb, opening inscription). I even heard and contemplated the fact that there’s no sex in the story as a religious inclination but regardless of the reason for the omission, it makes for great page turner. It’s like the old movies when the build-up ended in a kiss – a passionate kiss but just a kiss. The build-up is key; if that doesn’t work, there goes your story.
  3. As for the vampires… well, I’m not sure what to make of that. Perhaps the same thing that Anne Rice once made about why her characters are vampires: it gave her an opportunity to explore other aspects of humanity.
  4. Re-reading this with the idea of first love in the back of my mind was painful. I must have tuned it out the first time but this time around, I couldn’t get past it. It brought back some less than pleasant memories. Unfortunately, my one sided romance didn’t end nearly as well.
What impressed me most reading “Twilight” is how, although I knew the story, the characters and had even seen the movie, I fell right back into it as if it were a first time. I was sucked in immediately and that’s all I could think about over the two days it took me to power through it. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

As for the second time to the theatre, a few interesting notes: (there are some very mild spoilers but none the less, be warned, ***SPOILERS AHEAD***)
  1. The bad makeup wasn’t nearly as distracting as it was the first time around. Still distracting but mostly something easily overlooked.
  2. Writer Melissa Rosenberg deserves some serious credit for managing to shorten the book into a fairly cohesive story while leaving out huge chunks of information. Some of the omissions will make for interesting juggling for Part 2 but overall, very good. Also worth noting that between the language that comes out of the characters is much more natural in the film than in the novel. Kudos.
  3. The special effects were even more laughable (and therefore painful) the second time around. Oh yeah, they’re THAT bad. Here’s hoping they do something about that for the next one.
  4. Yeah, there’s chemistry. Lots and lots of chemistry. Pattinson and Stewart lay it on thick but wow does it work. The closing shot…OK. Enough of that.

 This, this THING has taken over. I’ve passed the point of mildly obsessed to completely consumed. I feel a bit guilty that something a little more “intelligent” and less "guilty pleasure" didn’t snag my attention but there’s something particularly interesting about this. I expect a lot of what's currently floating around in my head will come out a little more in the upcoming podcast which will help me move away from the constant ideas that pop into my head and once December kicks in, other things will catch my attention but for now, it’s all about this cultural phenomenon. I’m almost interested enough to put together an essay on the topic. What for? I don’t know but I am tempted.

I’d promise there won’t be more but frankly, I’m afraid this isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


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