Best of 604 - A Night of Nail Biting (not really) Fun

Last week I asked for help from you, the lovely readers, in regards to a few awards that we were up for. I'd like to start off by saying "Thank You" for taking the time to vote - I do really appreciate it.

The Best of 604 festivities took place last night and it was a fun evening. It was particularly fun to put faces to names I've seen and had contact with around the web and the night was a huge success, raising $1,800 for the Food Bank.

The wonderful Miss 604, has the skinny on the winners and though we didn't win, it was a great honour to be mentioned among the likes of Kerry Anne and Airdrie's "Lip Gloss and Laptops" and the brilliant Dave Olson's "Postcards from Gravelly Beach".

Again, thanks to everyone who voted for us, everyone who came out to the event and the wonderful Rebecca for organizing the entire thing.

And because no tech related event is complete without it, pictures from the night (tagged "bestof604") can be found over at Flickr. Believe it or not, it was a better time than it looks!


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