Vamp Love at the Saturns!

The Saturn Awards are given away annually and I've always thought of them as (for the most part) picking out "the best of the best" when it comes to sci-fi/horror/the supernatural.

I saw a few tweets last night about the awards but I didn't bother checking out any of the winners until a few minutes ago and BHAM! Awesomeness!

Remember "Moonlight"? That little TV show I talked about a few months back? The very same one hubby and I have been watching over dinner? Yeah, THAT one. It won an award. It took home the "Best Series on DVD" prize and for good reason too - it a bloody good show.

Word of waning if you do decide to shell out the $26 (I paid WAY more than that) I won't stop you (actually, let me help: get it here!) but I'm warning you now, they went cheap on the release - no extras whatsoever but still worth every penny.

And just for fun...take in Mr. Mic St. John...


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