What a Lush!

You may recall I mentioned something last week about a girls night out to see "Little Ashes". Let me tell you, it was a riot. I mean - crazy hysterical liquor induced riot of epic proportions.

The night started off at Shark Club with a few drinks and some food. Things were calm and collected until I brought out Pocket Edward - it was at this point that things got out of hand. Imagine it for a minute: a group of 10 grown women compromising the sanity of a Little E. He drank, he was in SoupAirCool's pants (no joke) and then he cheated on me with maliciousmandy1. It was hysterical and I'm sure the other patrons were happy to see us go.

The bugger...cheating on moi...

I was a little reserved with the camera (mostly because I didn't know anyone and didn't feel all that comfortable putting anyone in a circumstance where they didn't want their pictures taken) but Mandy managed to get some awesome shots (not to mention she has a great rundown of the night). You an check out her update here.

I had a fabulous time and look forward to doing it again soon. I can't wait for "New Moon" - I'm hoping we can pull together a big group to see a midnight screening...it would be beyond fabulous!


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