The Illuminares Adventure

A few weeks ago, local super organizer Val put up event notices at a number of local clubs regarding Illuminares 2009. We had gone with a group two years ago and had a great time but I don't recall missing the action last year until the new event was posted.

For this year's event, I decided that I would not be left out without a lantern so I set out to create one but with my limited skills, it was not quite as easy as I expected. With a plan in mind I headed to Michaels in search of crafting supplies and $30 later, I was ready to start building. The result, as you'll see in a minute, is pretty spectacular (if I say so myself).

On Saturday afternoon we headed out to Trout Lake to find our trusty band of sci-fi buddies and by 6 o'clock, we had a nice crowd of folks hanging out waiting for darkness.

Conversation was animated. Folks came by, noticed the banner and stopped to chat. We even made a new friend, a gentleman from Academie Duello who was doing a demonstration later in the evening. I was lucky enough to get a first hand mini lesson though I feel sorry for whomever decided it was a good idea to give me a sword to play with.

I quite like this sword but there seemed to be too many rules on how to use it correctly. Admitedly, I much prefered this sucker wich I could swing freely:


See the big smile? Definitely having a much better time!

The evening was winding nicely, more folks were showing up and it was getting a little dark, perfect for lantern lighting, when the thunder started. First it was just kind of cool but then the rain started. First soft little droplets which quickly turned into a downpour. It was an ugly sight. We quickly packed up and took refuge under the nearby trees to stay somewhat dry. I was so concerned about keeping my lantern dry that I completely forgot to take any photos. Thankfully, Dale came to rescue with a few awesome photos. Bonus points to whomever figures out where the quote is from.

I love this next image which features the beautiful Serena completely enjoying the rain shower. I secretly wish I had just brought myself so I too could be this comfortable:

A few folks continued onto a nearby coffee shop but we were completely soaked through to the bone and decided to call it a night. I was disappointed that I didn't have a chance to light my lantern but it wasn't a complete loss. When it got dark at home, I set up the tripod and shot a few photos of my lit lantern in the comfortable dry darkness of my kitchen. The lantern is essentially square with one image per side but for the sake of keeping this short, I've cut all four sides into one image.

 Spiffy eh? Not sure how well things would have gone if I had to include "Midnight Sun"...

I did manage to take a few more photos before the skies parted and you can check those out at the usual spot. And if you're interested in more details about Illuminares from the folks that are responsible for the event (along with some insights from attendees - including me!) check out this great article by Janaya Fuller-Evans at The Vancouver Courier.

It still managed to be a fun (if short) evening. Thanks again to everyone who came out and Val for organizing us all. What we'd do without her is beyond me. I hope the event manages to live on for another year! Would love to do it again next year! This time, without the rain!


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Dale said...

'Sup Arizona? :-)

I cheated and used Google, so I'll disqualify myself. And I'm ashamed I couldn't simply guess based on your obsession.

July 28, 2009 11:06 a.m.

themarina said...

Smarty. Good find though.

As soon as I saw the picture, I knew that was the perfect line!

July 28, 2009 12:53 p.m.

Monica said...

Awesome photo of your lantern! I totally am going the Michael's route next year!!

July 28, 2009 7:11 p.m.

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