Monday's Suck

Or at least this Monday does. I was not feeling all that well this morning and seriously considered staying home. But then I started thinking of how hot and uncomfortable it would be at home during this week of record breaking weather and I opted to head into the office. I barely made it but arrived with a killer migraine that even had my ears hurting and I swear I was in a cold sweat. It was uncomfortable and painful for until about 10AM when the drugs started kicking in. I'm feeling much better now but still now 100%. Here's hoping I'm feeling a bit better for the movie tonight.

Lots to report on from the weekend but the pictures are still on my camera so that report will be coming tomorrow but I do have some fun stuff to share. The first is part 3 of the "New Moon" video set tour. Yes, this is the one where I have a total fangirl moment but thankfully, it's not quite as bad as I thought it might be. Thanks again to the guys at Movie Set for making the videos possible. They were great fun.

As a bonus, I also get a jab in at Eric. He deserved it.

As a little bonus, I noticed a video making the rounds this morning but because it was on MTV, it was only available to our American friends. Big kudos to twilightbritneyfan1 for making this available for the rest of us. I've never been much of a Jennifer Love Hewitt fan but I admit that seeing this video made me like her a tiny bit more. Plus, I don't feel like such a dolt.


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