Singlehandedly Keeping the Economy Alive

Or at least that's what it feels like.

Two weeks ago, just in time for me to record an episode of Before the Dawn, my handy laptop crapped out on me. It turned on, worked fine but no internet. Hubby looked at it and concluded that it could be any number of things and that since the sucker wasn't under warranty, it would cost a bit of money to fix - much more money than the computer was worth. And so, with a heavy heart and not a whole lot more, we headed out shopping for a new laptop. To be honest, I didn't want to spend the money but it's essential I have a computer that works and considering that in the 5 years I've been working on a home computer, it's been a second hand laptop, the time had come to buy something which was new and state of the art (for at least 30 minutes). After hours of scouring and many questions, I came home with a shiny new Compaq.

She's sweet no?

The very next day, hubby and I were cruising around Metrotown when we spotted a new kiosk selling skins for our iPhone/iTouch. I flipped through a few of the offerings but nothing caught my attention and I offhandedly made a comment to Hubby that since it's not Twilight, I don't feel the need to impulse buy. I came home empty handed but content, having completely forgotten the conversation until Hubby calls me over to his computer to take a peek at what he's looking at.

The conversation went a little like this:

Me: You've got to be kidding me.
Hubby: I wouldn't kid about Twilight.
Me: You don't have to make fun of me you know.
Hubby: I'm not making fun.
Me: And you talk about me having a problem. You're the one feeding my addiction!

At this point, I'm guessing you know what he discovered. Fancy "Twilight" inspired skins for my iTouch. After much hmming and haaing, I decided on this pattern:

And while paying for those, Hubby found laptop skins. Rather than adding stickers to personalize my beautiful new laptop, I chose to purchase a fab skin. I had a hard time deciding between them and finally had Hubby make a decision. We picked this one and I rationalized that by the time "Eclipse" is nearing release, I may be ready for another skin:

Now it really feels like it's mine...

Thank y ou eBay and Hubby for the small spending spree. I recently also discovered Etsy. It's been very hard but so far, I've mostly stayed in control. Except for that one slip this morning...


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