It was quite the weekend! Not only was the weather fantastic but it was a weekend full of first times.

Colleen (AKA Mary Ostler) invited Dale and I out to a local SCA event and since I'd always wanted to go but never had the opportunity to check out the SCA in a more "up close and personal" sort of way, I tagged along (not to mention it gave me a good excuse to wear my fabulous dress from a few years ago - a dress which I slaved over and have only worn twice - three times now!).

SCA is short for Society for Creative Anachronism and it is comprised of 19 Kingdoms one of which is An Tir. Colleen belongs to the Barony of Lions Gate and the event was the Lion's Gate Sergeantry Trials. I had a wonderful time at the event which included combat, a war trial, dancing and archery.

Hand to hand combat 

War! Actually, more of a standoff

A little dancing

Archery Range

I had to leave before the archery really kicked off but huge thanks to Colleen for the invite. I had a great time and the costuming bug has pricked me again. I have a few ideas for my next project which I'll have to start researching.

I only made it out to Saturday's part of the event but there was much more action on Sunday, including the successful applicants being awarded. Lionsgater has some great photos of the entire weekend which I urge you to check out. Also, big kudos to Colleen who managed to snap the single photo there is to prove I was in costume. We planned on doing a mini photo shoot to show off my craftsmanship but sadly, I had a minor problem with the belt of my dress and spend the last hour or so of the event with an incomplete costume. I will have to fix the darned thing and have the photo shoot at some point in the near future but here we go:

Photo by the wonderful Colleen

I left the event early because hubby had made plans with some friends for dinner. Sadly, while I was getting ready for us to go out we received a call from the friends in question cancelling. I was very upset that I had to leave the SCA event only to have our evening ruined so hubby made it up to me by taking me, for the first time ever, for White Spot carhop. It was an awesome experience though a little more difficult in our car considering that the windows on the Charger are up higher than on most cars but still, it was fun and much less messy than I expected.

As we were driving away trying to figure out what else to do, I suggested the drive-in and hubby, perhaps still feeling bad about the dinner thing, agreed so we drove out to Surrey to take in a night of movies at the Lower Mainland's last drive-in.

Located at 260th Street and Fraser Highway, the Twilight Drive-In has it all: massive screen, great prices ($12 per person for 3 films), awesome concession stand and fabulous classic intermission commercials. Admittedly, hubby and I weren't prepared (no blanket or pillows) but heck, it was still awesome and now I know what to expect for our next trip out there and yes, we're definitely making another trip.

We caught "G.I. Joe" which I had already seen (so I napped through a good chunk of it) and "Orphan" which I really enjoyed. We decided to skip the third movie which happened to be "Terminator Salvation". It was loads of fun and I can't wait to do it again - probably in two week's time!

And as a bonus, I found the intermission reel they show between movies. Hubby explained that the honking when the hotdog jumps into the bun is tradition. Good to know some things will live on for ever.

It was a fun filled weekend of first and I managed to use some of Sunday to recuperate but I'm still feeling a little tired from all the excitement!


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Monica said...

I love the drive-in. The horse camp BF and I go to is about 10 minutes away, which makes driving home to sleep a breeeeze. (P.S. it's technically Aldergrove not Surrey) Did you see the intermission video on my Facebook?

August 20, 2009 10:19 p.m.

themarina said...

Really? I thought the website said Surrey. Not that it matters much - it could as well be bum fuck nowhere.

And no, I didn't see the video on your FB! I actually had to search YouTube for it! If I'd seen it there I would have saved myself about 1/2 hour of watching really atrocious versions in search of a decent one!

August 20, 2009 10:47 p.m.

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