New Moon Trailer (No. 2)

Summit, smart cookies that they are, waited until after the weekend to release the new "New Moon" trailer, the same trailer which was attached to "Bandslam". It did leak out on Friday but the bootleg was very poor and I refused to watch it until the official release. The fact I managed to hold off for a few days surprises even me.

It's interesting that they've released a trailer which features Taylor talking through most of it. On the one hand it's great for the fans (since "New Moon" centres a great deal on Jacob) but a bit annoying. Not too much new footage but enough to advertise the much better effects. I can understand that Jacob's shirtless moments are part of the story but it makes me feel a little awkward. That said, what's the deal with this image which I captured from about the 1:44 mark of the trailer:

I don't doubt that the torso on display is Taylor's but that position makes this image look completely unnatural. Seriously. It's a nitpick but it really bothers me.

I also rewinded the trailer a few times but not for the reason you might think (and yes, I would admit know I would if it was Edward. Though there is one scene...). I rewinded a few times to Jane because I wanted a better look at the character but gave up after the third try. It's too quick and the video not high-quality enough to get a good sense of what the character looks like. That said, I can't wait to see screen captures from the trailer. I'm sure those will start popping up soon.

Moving on, you don't really need more words from me. Chances are if you're a diehard you've already seen this but just in case...

UPDATE: Big thank you to Thinking of Rob for super awesome screencaps. It's still a bit blurry but they have one of Jane which looks very promising.


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Technology said...

Aren't people sick of hearing about Twilight yet?

August 18, 2009 2:41 a.m.

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