Kuroshio Sea

Hubby watches a lot of YouTube videos and over the weekend he was watching this video. I wasn't sure what he was up to but loved the song so I took a peek to notice him watching this breathtaking video. Called the Kuroshio Sea, this video was taken at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan which boasts the world's second larges aquarium holding 1,981,290 gallons of water and, as you can see from the video, a huge variety of fish (including sharks!).

Mesmerized by the video and in awe of the size, I did a little reading and discovered that the world's largest aquarium is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. It opened in 2005 and it's main aquarium holds 8.1 million US gallons of water.

I searched around and couldn't find a video quite as majestic as the tone above but this one gives you an idea of Georgia's main tank. Wow.


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