Twilight Goodies for the Adult Fan

You may recall a few weeks ago I eluded to the fact that I'd done a little shopping on the newly discovered Etsy. The goodies finally arrived last week and I tell you, they couldn't have come soon enough!

I had originally purchased a Cullen Crest bracelet on eBay but somehow, the glass bead that covered the crest came separated (and lost) taking the crest with it and leaving the bracelet unwearable. I had been sporting this for a few months and had received a few knowledgeable compliments on it (it was definitely an "insider" thing since one would have to recognize the crest to know it was "Twilight" related) and was very sad to see it go. I'd been searching eBay for a replacement but when I was introduced to Etsy, I started searching there for a replacement. I waded through pages of merchandise and search for days until I found it. The perfect replacement item.

Created by the good folks at Creative Rampage, this looked gorgeous in the picutre but nothing like it does in real life. It has a nice weight to it, fits comfortably and is gorgeously shinny. Add in the fact that it's a completely different design and this is not going to suffer the same fate as its predecessor.


As a little bonus, the package also included a very pretty Cullen Crest bottle cap key chain. An unexpected but much appreciated surprise!

Overall I'm very impressed with my first Etsy purchase and will likely be using the service again in the future. There is a lot of material to sift through but their search system is very accurate and the site easy to navigate. If you're looking specifically for Twilight merchandise, there's a fair bit of that as well. I recommend checking out Creative Rampage's Twilight Jewelry Store which features the items above along with a whole load of other great items (I'm eyeing the bookmarks...).


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