Be thankful that I didn't subject you to squeals of excitement at the release of 10 seconds of the "Eclipse" trailer (not to mention the trailer itself [you can read my thoughts on that here]). It was difficult as hell too considering that 1) we haven't seen much by way of publicity on "Eclipse" and 2) I love me both this book and director David Slade.

The "New Moon" DVD hits store shelves next week and it includes a preview of "Eclipse" but of course, that clip is already online (don't fret, I've tucked it at the end of this entry). I just saw it and I'm impressed. The trailer was a nice tease as to what we could expect but this behind the scenes video is even better. I'm happy to see some of the things I disliked in "New Moon" have been fixed (namely the make-up and Alice's hair!!!). It's still not a whole hell of a lot but what there is looks great!


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