Old Spice takes over the internet. Or is that THE WORLD?

You know what? The people at Old Spice need to win an award. Or a bunch of awards because I have never, in my years on the internet, seen anything quite as brilliant as this (and I’ve seen some brilliant things from the sidelines).

I talked about Old Spice in the past when Bruce Campbell appeared in a couple of ads (not to mention NPH and this guy) that were brilliantly awesome. That sort of put my grandfather’s scent on the map for me as something that was picking up steam after years of being relegated to the top shelf of my favourite grocery store.

Then a few months ago a few new ads appeared featuring the very handsome Isaiah Mustafa. They were funny, memorable and marked the brand as having completely re-invented themselves. With a flurry of new scents and a hip new spokesperson who also happened to be catering to the female demographic (who often purchases deodorant and body wash for their boyfriends/husbands - there's a reason hubby wears Old Spice...), the brand was back and kicking.

And then today, they outdid themselves. The Old Spice twitter feed (@oldspice) is a flurry with personalized YouTube videos featuring the sexy man himself spewing words of awesomeness. Want to make your brand THE talk of the internet? This is definitely the way to go about it.

They videos are hysterical and I’ve spent the better part of the last hour lost in words and images of a shirtless Isaiah. Life could be a lot worse.

Mashable has a great overview of the campaign well worth a read but You're better off just heading over to YouTube and taking in the awesomeness for yourself. There isn't a bad one in the bunch so just take your pick.

See you in two days.

PS. The whistle? AWESOME.


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