Run William Wallace! Run!

I had never heard of Perth, Ontario until earlier this week when, during a lively discussion (is there any other type?) at our Monthly Vancouver Bookcrossing meeting one of the ladies mentioned a kilt run. Kilt run? I had to check this out.

To celebrate their namesake, the city of Perth hosts an annual 5 mile run. But this isn’t your regular type of run. Oh no. You see in Perth, to participate in the run, you have to wear a kilt. Their goal is to set the world record for most runners wearing a kilt. This year's Perth’s World Record Kilt Run took place on June 26th and saw 1,210 runners turn up in kilts, a count which I’m assuming has been submitted to Guinness.

If you’re trying to imagine what 1,200 runners in kilts looks like, you don’t have to stretch your imagination too far. Pictures from the event are up and available for viewing at Zoom Photo.


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