Twilight Collector's Edition DVD's - **UPDATED Through Feb, 6th**

By this point, you already know that "Twilight" is coming to DVD on March 21st but along with the release of the Two Disc Special Edition there are also a number of Collector's Editions available through a number of retailers. As of this morning, I'm aware of two different editions.

Borders Exclusive Edition

The Borders Exclusive Edition includes the 2 Disc SE along with a bonus DVD which includes:

• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward)
• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Cam Gigandet (James)
• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)
• Exclusive Red-Carpet Interviews from the Twilight Movie Premiere
• Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Red-Carpet Footage! Includes extra interview footage with Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), rock band Paramore, and Nikki Reed (Rosalie)
• Exclusive Borders Book Club: Stephenie Meyer talks about the Twilight Saga

Exclusive Photocards
10 exclusive photocards are printed on a gorgeous pearlescent paper to give a dramatic sparkly effect—the perfect way to view your favorite vampires

That edition is available only through Borders at a cost of $29.99 which is only $5 dollars more than the list price for the Standard 2 Disc release.


Amazon Ultimate Collector's Set

The Amazon Exclusive Ultimate Collector's Set only seems to be available in Blu-ray but it includes the 2 Disc SE in Blu-ray along with:

• Collector's Box
• Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
• Six Collector Cards
• Twilight Bookmark
• Exclusive Watch
• Limited Edition Charm Bracelet
• Certificate of Authenticity

That edition is available only through Amazon at a cost of $69.99 which is a little pricier.


Since I don't have a Blu-ray player and I don't care much for jewelry, I skipped out on the Amazon offer for the Border's offer instead. Plus, $70US is a little hefty for my wallet.

Hot Topic Release

Hot Topic is releasing the 2 Disc special edition at the same cost of most retailers ($24.99) but as an added bonus, you get:

• Exclusive Edward movie cell


Barnes & Noble Release

Barnes & Noble is releasing the 2 Disc special edition  for $26.39 but as an added bonus, you get:

• Customizable Twilight Skin for your cell phone, PDA or MP3 player (individual code redeemable at


If you find any other Collector's Editions, please let me know. I'll provide updates as more become available.

NOTE: Apparently the Special Edition Blu-Ray disc will only be availabe on March 21st via Best Buy and Target (though neither site has the DVD listed for pre-sale) and then to all other retailers on May 5th. This seems like a bit of a moronic move but I'm sure they've got their reasons. Also note that they've added a new feature (to the Blu-Ray edition at least): "BD Live with "New Moon" teaser" - whatever that means.


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Anonymous said...

Can you please find out if these editions will be available in Australia? Email me back on thanks

January 30, 2009 2:55 a.m.

Shannon said...

There is a collectors edition by FYE. Ive reserved it already. It comes with postcards and a Bag(Maybe, they are still deciding)

January 30, 2009 8:44 a.m.

themarina said...

Shannon - do you have a link for this? I can only find the 2 Disc SE on their site. That would be much appreciated!

January 30, 2009 9:16 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you know if the borders edition will be avaliable in the UK? I would greatly appreciate if you could email me back thanks

February 07, 2009 11:09 a.m.

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